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Html ins tag

When writing HTML, the <ins> tag is an inline element used to indicate that a section of text has been inserted into a web page. It is typically used in conjunction with the <del> tag. The following sections contain information about the <ins> tag, including examples of how it is used as well as related attributes and browser compatibility.



<p>My favorite food is <del>spaghetti</del> <ins>pizza</ins>.</p>

Example Result

 My favorite food is spaghetti pizza.



 Within an HTML tag, an attribute dictates certain aspects of an HTML element. Attributes are made up of a name and value pair; all tags support standard attributes. The following table shows all of the current unique HTML attributes for the <ins> tag, as well as a description of each.

Attribute Description
cite Designates a URL to a document explaining why the text has been inserted
datetime Designates the date and time the text was inserted

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