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Html img tag

The HTML <img> tag is used to put an image in an HTML document.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML  Tag</title>
<img src="images/html.gif" alt="HTML Tutorial" height="150" width="140" />

Specific Attributes

The HTML <img> tag also supports following additional attributes:

Attribute Value Description
align top
Deprecated-Specifies the alignment for the image.
alt text Specifies alternate text
border pixels Deprecated - Specifies the width of the image border.
crossorigin anonymous use-credentials It allows images from third-party sites that allow cross-origin access to be reused with canvas.
height pixels or % Specifies the height of the image.
hspace pixels Deprecated - Amount of white space to be inserted to the left and right of the object.
ismap URL Defines the image as a server-side image map.
longdesc text Deprecated-Specifies a URI/URL of a long description - this can elaborate on a shorter description specified with the alt attribute.
src URL the url of an image
usemap #mapname Defines the image as a client-side image map and used alongwith <map> and <area> tags.
vspace pixels Deprecated - Amount of white space to be inserted to the top and bottom of the object.
width pixels or % Sets the width of an image in pixels or in %.

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