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HTML button tag

The HTML <button> tag is used for creating a button within HTML form. You can also use <input> tag to create similar buttons.



<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Button Tag</title>
<button name="button" value="OK" type="button">Click Me</button>

Specific Attributes

The HTML <button> tag also supports following additional attributes:

Attribute Value Description
autofocus  autofocus Specifies that the button should have input focus when the page loads.
disabled disabled Specifies the button is disabled.
form  form_id Specifies the forms to which button belongs.
formaction  URL Specifies the link where the form submits.
formenctype  application
Specifies how the form data is encoded before sending it to server.
formmethod  get
Specifies how to send form data.
formnovalidate formnovalidate Specifies that the form data should not be validated.
formtarget  _blank
Specifies where the response should be validated.
name name Specifies the button name.
type button
Specifies the button type.
value text Specifies button's initial value.

HTML Button Tag Definition


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